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The blog has moved

I’ve been using WordPress cloud software for years, but recently they have changed their code to the point where i can’t use it at all.
I am on an old Mac Mini – 10.4 OS, Safari 4.1.3, Firefox 3.6….something.
(Did i hear someone say ‘dinosaur’? They lived for millions of years, way longer than humans have, so maybe that’s not such a good comparison.)

Everything works just fine.. except for these blogs.
I am pissed, i can’t do anything w/ WP blogs now.

But there is always a work-around isn’t there?
It’s called blogspot:




This one definitely went thru some changes to make it to the finish line! I printed it twice, the first time the sky was less than inspiring, there was no figure in the distance.

Second time round, i fixed that.

In doing a quick small print w/ some digital color, and a bit of colored pencil, the end game appeared, at least in my head, if not in the sketch. Just coloring the long vertical ‘flag’ opened the door.

So i knocked it out, adding some searing color to the hole in the clouds hi-lites.

Never been happy with how the blue/ultramarine oil color i have goes down, so after i scanned it, i added some final retouching, boosted the blue in the center, & crossed the finish line, so to speak.

Now it sings, zings, rocks out!