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Hand-colored images with a digital kick in the butt

 In the last few years I have relaxing my ‘it’s analog, or it’s digital, ain’t nuthin in between’ rule.

I’ve been mixing things up in interesting ways. I’ve been calling them ‘hybrids’. 

Here’s a few analog darkroom photomontage prints I made years ago, hand colored, scanned ’em, and then gave ’em a digital kick in the ass. I came up some interesting results.

It’s not looking like Ektachrome yet, but it’s getting close.

Will it ever look like Kodachrome? That’s a pretty tough standard. I dunno. Still in progress, to be decided.

Here’s a couple of handcolored first, followed by digital colored images:






If you’d like to see how they work, here’s a  page for you, PSD file screen shots showing layers, and a small (3MB) PSD file you can download:


Here’s a really good tutorial:

Create a Hand-Colored Black and White Photo

Hope you picked up a few tricks!