About this blog…

The site creator is an old guy who’s been doing hand coloring for over 30 years on his own black and white montage prints, and occasionally for hire on other images.¬†

Over the years, photo papers have come and gone, with Kodak gone and Ilford trimming it’s product line, a lot of very good papers are history.

(Now digital is here, and there are more digital printing papers out there than you can imagine.How well they can be handcolored? is another story altogether)

Many people have their own web pages RE their techniques, but there doesn’t seem to be a website out there that serves as a directory: of practitioners (photo artists), techniques, and materials. And what the hell – some history and a gallery to boot.

This site aims to tie it all up in one bundle.


To kick it off, here’s one of my old favorites, a walk on the California beach:


Ilford fiber/matte paper, made many years ago, no longer available. Marshall oil colors, no longer available in a configuration that works for me.¬†They will sell you a set of colors that are… random! …and have nothing to do with classic colors = viridian, ultramarine, cerulean, ‘cadmium’ anything!

WTF is this about??

I bought a really simple set of oil colors – French ultramarine, Burnt umber, yellow ochre, viridian, cadmium deep red, cadmium yellow – it takes some work, but i can get to any color from these.



hand coloring black and white photos