Curtain in the window – Bodie CA

I had 3 different darkroom prints of this one, the varying element being the sky at the top. 


Here’s the negs:



There was also a cloudy sky that got into the act:


I thought this one could definitely benefit from being colored, but which one… and how..? was an open ended question, perhaps even multiple choice solutions. I did some digital coloring, just large areas, and then small prints that i attacked with colored pencils, seeking the ‘aha!’ moment.

What i decided upon was this:


The section of curtain in the center became the focus, lighter than all else. Why? I don’t know exactly. It’s OK to ask questions you can’t answer. If it feels right? Just do it, no explanations or apologies necessary.

Perhaps the Nevada rock face is one thing – a solid severe wall… and the window, something else, the potential for a view. The curtain? Perhaps it shades from the sun, but obscures the view. Is it your choice or perogative to push it aside, get a better view?


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